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American Cancer Society: Giving Cancerous Products to Members for Decades?

(Above image via Katy Skahill’s hair was falling out, her eyelashes had disappeared and her heart sank as she watched her eyebrows begin to fade. The nausea, the fatigue, the drugs and needles were not pretty—and Skahill needed to feel pretty. She needed to feel cared for, tired of her self-esteem crumbling in fear, alienation

Concussion Confusion: Brain Injuries Raise Questions about Sport’s Future

(Above Image: via Pound the Rock. That is what head football coach Erick Ware tells his players at Bogan High School on Chicago’s South Side. And that is what he told grieving students and faculty at a memorial for senior football player Andre Smith. “I want you guys to continue to pound the rock

IB Programs Hold Promise in CPS, but Concerns Remain

For Kimberly Lebovitz and a growing number of Chicago Public Schools educators, there’s only one answer to the question of the best school curriculum available: the International Baccalaureate program. Successful implementation of the program is difficult, requiring resources and strong commitment from a school community. However, Lebovitz, the IB Primary Years Programme Coordinator at the